about me

I love the moment when the connection with my models does not need words.

My childhood was marked by the influence of Venus in the cusp of my ascendant sign, Libra. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is also connected with the world of aesthetics and the senses. As a child I had an endless desire for self-expression, covering sheet after sheet of paper with drawings of female figures.  Really, these sketches represented my first attempts at photography.


When I was 9, I’ve got my first photo camera: a Kodak Brownie Fiesta (naturally, non-digital), and ever since my “drawings” required a lab. Soon after I inherited a Leica D. R. P. from my father, himself a huge fan of photography and started to explore the secrets of photographic technique.

From that moment my enthusiasm and hunger for capturing photos grew day by day.

Astrology taught me how to get to know people and make them reveal the best part of their emotion and of their soul.

I love portraits and the inspiration given by the feminine world that allows my creativity to move with the freedom of a fish in water.

I love to make photos of “regular” people and make them feel like celebrities. I love to discover each person’s potential and capture it in images. I love that moment when words are no longer needed for that personal connection with a model.

After almost 20 years working as full-time photographer and exploring different branches of the world of photography, I am now entirely dedicated to studio portraiture.